Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd all natural, vegan friendly, handcrafted, artisan soaps and skin care




Our all natural Dry Shampoos are vegan friendly, non-gmo, and perfect for mornings when your hair needs some help but there's no time for a shower!  Handcrafted with organic arrowroot powder, aluminum-free baking soda, natural bentonite clay powder, and therapeutic grade essential oils so you can feel good about using them too! Available for light hair or for dark hair in Unscented, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Spiced Chai, and Cedarwood scents; blend for dark hair adds organic cacao powder for better blending with darker hair colors and the chocolate smell is nice too!  Choose from three convenient sizes: mini, small or large.  Perfect for favors, samples, gifts, travel, home and so much more!

If you've never tried a dry shampoo, I encourage you to give them a try! Simply apply a bit of the dry shampoo to the base of your hair at your scalp and brush though.  The dry shampoo will absorb the excess oil and dirt and leave your hair clean and fresh looking! So easy and convenient! Great for weekends spent camping too! 


Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd all natural Dry Shampoos


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Please note that our soaps and bath and body products are for external use only and are meant only for cleaning purposes.   If you have medical questions or concerns, please consult your physician.  Please be sure to check the ingredient list if you have any known allergies.  Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.  Products are best when used within one year from date of purchase.